Our Product

SKY SIGN is the leading system of digital advertising screens for tower cranes in the world.

The system is cloud-based and remote-controlled, and the only system in the world that is optimally tailored

 and safe for installment on cranes, compared to existing market solutions.
The SKY SIGN platform takes exposure and advertising possibilities in the competition-saturated real estate world to the next level.

 The system offers the ultimate solution for effective exposure along with innovative visibility, while providing a creative solution

 for the display of sales-supporting image and advertising messages.
And that’s not all. The SKY SIGN system is a comprehensive, safe, effective and highly cost-effective solution, which can be purchased

 or leased – an optimal solution when the asset is not owned by the customer. Companies that purchase the system enjoy its 

use for several projects, enjoying a marketing investment that has significant advantages and can be recouped over time. 

Owing to the remote control feature and the ability to rapidly change the message displayed – the system is also used to c

ommunicate and transmit messages to on-site workers, and as such is an integral part of construction site operation

The Challenge

It is difficult to find a means of advertising on construction sites that will be both safe and stand out above others. The signage materials and illuminated impermeable characters which are currently used can instantaneously turn a simple signage apparatus into a dangerous wind sail banner impacting the crane’s stability, rotation speed and braking force, and pose a safety hazard. Increased enforcement aimed at removing contractor signage creates the need for signage suitable for installment on tower cranes, which on the one hand does not endanger the crane’s stability, and on the other hand – provides maximum and prominent advertisement display visibility.
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The Solution

A safe digital advertising platform for tower cranes, with a mechanism for creating a range of changing messages or that can be shared by numerous advertisers at the same time – during the day, at night and in any weather. SKY SIGN is a system of safe and innovative video screens especially tailored for advertising on tower cranes.
The system provides extraordinary visibility and enables the display of signage during the day, at night and under any weather conditions, while meticulously complying with the most stringent safety regulations. The screens can be used to display various types of content, including promoting the project developer and contractor, presenting third-party partners, delivering important on-site internal safety messages and, of course, displaying up-to-date sales offers. The varied content, from video clips through complex visual elements, is displayed on remotely-controlled cloud-based digital screens, providing flexibility in displaying messages and changing them any time, according to allocated screen time or customer needs. The display unit is made of advanced LED profiles that create a shading of sorts, precisely tailored to the crane structure. The modular solution is tailored to every crane model and significantly reduces the safety hazards of signage systems used today.

Product Advantages

Messages using animation, motion graphics and video catch the consumer’s eye and turn digital advertising screens into the ultimate attention grabbers that impact consumer opinion. The messages are dynamic and can easily be changed according to the needs in the field, such that the viewer is exposed to changing messages relevant to each project stage.

High Impact

Self-management of the system – independently manage and create content using the cloud-based SKY SIGN system. The system is remote-controlled and can be used to display safety instructions, marketing offers, weather updates and even holiday greetings and personal best wishes. Customers can change the content on their own, at any time, according to project needs. Shared screen time – by all those using the display and at their discretion.

Remote Control

Currently used signage fades and is subject to wear and tear. By comparison, digital advertising screens are both durable and visible at all times, during the day, at night and in any weather. The LED units are manufactured using a special technology that makes them durable for sustained use under any weather conditions, day or night. The display’s lightweight structure and the ability to optimally tailor the signage in the safest manner to each crane enables quick and simple installment.


The ability to change the screen content at any time enables customers to test a wide range of messages, until they find the message with the highest return per ad. Moreover, changing the messages displayed on the screen does not require the outlay of new and expensive manufacturing and production costs, while at the same time providing an optimal sharing mechanism for countless advertisers who choose to display their messages on the same screen.

The Highest Return

Screen development and production were carried out in compliance with the most stringent regulations, wind tunnel tests and approval of crane manufacturers. The screen is comprised of LED profiles that enable the wind to pass through them while creating a “shading curtain” which maintains crane safety, while the structure reduces the “sail effect” by about 50%, which in the case of standard signage systems endangers crane stability.


Adjustment of lighting intensity to the desired optimal level according to the needs of the location and the requirements of the surroundings. The screen is based on a technology that allows for precise control of the lighting level, adjusting for urban areas and reducing light pollution. For example, if the signage is near residential buildings the lighting intensity can be reduced so as not to disturb the residents in the area in the evening and night hours, and to prevent glare and light penetrating buildings in the construction site surroundings.

Lighting Optimization

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